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At Richard Construction we commit to providing a range of exceptional property maintenance services. Our extended network of trade professionals, from plumbers and electricians to gas engineers and carpenters, are available twenty-four hours a day. Whatever your property maintenance needs, a member of our qualified and experienced team will be able, and willing, to help.

Whether the job we undertake for you is large or small, we commit to a code of practice to ensure all work is carried out seamlessly to your specifications and your satisfaction.

Firstly, we engage in a thorough consultation with clients to ensure we’re on the same maintenance page. We commit to involving and fully informing you throughout the maintenance process, and will always provide a binding quotation before any work is begun to ensure there are no surprises once it is completed.

We will also make a commitment to using the best trades people and most suitable materials for every job, whilst fully monitoring all work carried out to ensure it is of the highest standard. Additionally, our employees will be punctual, professional and polite at all times.

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