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As climbing the UK property ladder to a larger home becomes increasingly problematic, Richard Construction offers a full range of home extension construction services for owners looking to optimise, update and add value to their current property.

We guide you through the entire extension process, from initial plans, to permissions and consents, through construction to interior design, and will always provide a binding quotation before construction begins, to allow financial peace of mind.

Whilst most extensions don’t require planning permission (it is usually sufficient to supply plans to your Local Authority Building Control) any party wall notice should be delivered to neighbours impacted by work to a boundary wall. The extension build itself will take a number of months but, to minimise disruption, we commit to our tradesmen being on the premises every day, alongside a site manager overseeing all work to ensure it follows your plans and your vision.

Upon completion, all building work will need to be inspected by a Local Council inspector, whilst we will provide the relevant gas and electricity safety certification.  Throughout the process we ensure all work conforms to current regulations and matches or exceeds your expectations.

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