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Building Contractors

At Richard Construction we treat each building or refurbishment project as we would a project on our own home. A full consultation process will always ensure that your vision is our vision, and an on-site project manager will always be present to coordinate and guide the work of our professional team to ensure your final outcomes. 

When Richard and Rafal decided to set up a business together, they knew they wanted to do things differently. These are key values they look to incorporate into their company:

* CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Listening to customers to ensure that the final result matches your vision, your style and your lifestyle.

* NO HIDDEN CHARGES – Providing binding estimates, without excuses. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that, upon completion, you’ll pay what you were quoted.

* FLEXIBLE SERVICE – Providing a flexible service, and going the extra mile for clients if difficulties arise. We are committed to fair play, and your interests will always be at the core of our business.

* SAFETY AND PROFESSIONALISM – Working safely and professionally at all times, and covering the cost of any damages through our comprehensive public liability insurance.

We work in all areas of home improvement, from loft and garage conversions and extensions, to bathroom and kitchen renovations and external wall insulation.

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